Job Opening for Field Sales

A Company in Ahmedabad is looking to hire Field Sales

Job Description:

To leverage personal relationships and industry expertise. The candidate is expected to be proficient in product sales as well as solutions sales (with some support from senior members).
Must understand the sales process to work with Marketing, Technology, Operations and IT organizations.
Must understand the channel sales process to work with the Partner’s sales teams to jointly identify service provider’s opportunities in their markets.

You can apply to this job by clicking on this link


Film and TV Executive job in Mumbai

A Company in Mumbai is hiring Film and TV Executives for their upcoming projects.

Job Description:

The candidates would be in-charge of how production budget would be spent
Meeting producer
Managing schedule and budget
-Must have in-depth knowledge of the production process

Candidates from Mumbai or nearby location can apply to this job by clicking here

Job opening for Marketing Executive in Delhi

A Company in Delhi is looking to hire Marketing Executive

Job Description: Pitching JkR’s content (news, features, documentaries etc.) to advertisers.
Bringing in sponsors for JkR’s events and other promotional activities.
-Must have fair knowledge of online marketing
Good writing and communication skills

Interested Candidates can apply to this job through this link

FulltimeJobs Portal – Find Your Next Job Here

Every sector today is IT based whether it maybe government, banking, defense, health etc. Recently there has been a huge command for banking jobs in Information Technology. Banking jobs have always been considered as the most secured of all in the job sector. Banking IT jobs are vital for the performance of all the financial organizations. Not just foreign banks but nationalized banks are also IT enabled. It is now compulsory for all banks to have the basic computer knowledge.

Fulltimejobs India understands the potential of IT industry as well as other sectors and hence we tend to provide as much as job openings in various sectors as we can. We gather information about jobs from different regions of India and also from different sectors like IT, banking, hospital etc and update our database with all the correct information about the job openings. Along with other sectors we tend to give emphasis on the IT industry, this is because when the whole of the world was suffering from the recession, Indian IT jobs sector showed a promising trend for new works and opportunities. Recession did affect India but we have so many job opportunities in different sectors that India could handle it well.

Today India is one of the prominent outsourcing countries because, IT, data-entry, customer service and other back-office related IT Jobs that are outsourced, helps foreign companies cut down on their costs.

How to Get New Job Faster

There are many conventional ways to get a job. But all these ways are not actually the faster ways to get a new job. Newspaper advertisement is one of the most conventional ways through which people try for jobs. With inception of online recruitment portal or job portal, in short it has become easy to find a suitable job. Job seekersregister in these portals and upload their resumes in the portal for absolutely free.

Employers or the recruiting agencies search through all the resumes and select some of them for interviews. These days, there is a shortage between demand and supply, where candidates are higher in number whereasjobs are lesser in number, so to get noticed and also to get new job faster, now job portal in.fulltimejobs.comhas introduced new technique.

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