How Much soft Skill is Essential to Pass an Job Interview

Soft skill is the term that is related to personality trait of a person, his social grace, how he communicates with the world, what language he is using while talking, what are his personal habits,  how friendly he is with his colleagues, does he has the ability of managing people?, does he has leadership qualities in him? and many things more that deals with the relationships with other people.

Soft skills unlike hard skills, which are generally easily quantifiable and measurable, are not so easy to achieve, while it is very important in any company’s growth. A company will never like someone who doesn’t behave well, don’t follow rules, don’t have manners and quite stubborn. For fresher during recruitment the main thing that a recruiter looks is his soft skill. So, soft skill is essential to pass an interview.


How to get prepared for Online Interview

These days as world has literally become a global village and distance has shrink to a mouse,nothing seems impossible today, and it goes same for the job interview. If you are applying to jobs in other city or abroad, then it is not necessary that you have to actually visit to their place physically. As going for job interview in other city or foreign location can incurred  lot of expense, it can brought down to a minimum level by going for online interview. These days any kind of job interview can takes place through various virtual set up like Skype, Team viewer, etc. These applications help in seeing the candidate, give a similar feeling of face to face interview. As a candidate you have to be prepared for such situations. Let us know how you can prepare yourself:

1. Install the desired applications well ahead to time.. it’s best if you can install it one or two days ahead.

2. Practice in detail on how to use the application if you have not use it ever.

3. On the day of interview wear formal and proper dress. Make it look like an office interview.

4. Stay calm and poised and make the place noise free and don’t allow yourself to get distracted.

Hiring Season in On!!

Every year during this season hiring grows up in every companies in India.

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Need of Technical Degree along with University certificate

There are many universities and colleges present in India, all of them promises of good education and a good job at the end but unfortunately this is not the truth. Only University certificate cannot guarantee you a job unless you are having something extra apart from your certificate of college. You need a Technical Degree along with your university course.

These days universities are churning talents that are very average on skill set. The course curriculum of college is not helping students to get themselves ready for the job as the courses are not market or industry driven but their courses are more on teaching level. There has to be massive change in the way universities are teaching and till then you need to learn different technical courses where you will get the real taste and view how the market is working and you will be job ready after completing the course.

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Tip: Dress to Impress

Fulltimejobs India recommends you to dress to impress on your job interview. This signifies that you should ensure you are dressed in formal, neat, tidy and suitable attire.

It is also suggested to carry nice portfolio with copies of your resume, a pen and paper for taking notes.

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