Content Manager on Hire!!

A Mumbai Based company is hiring Content Manager for various projects.

Job Description:

Looking for young professionals with degree in Journalism, Mass Comm or English
-Must have good writing skills
-Must have flair for writing
Impeccable grammar
-Must be able to proofread contents

Candidates with sufficient experience can apply to this job


Hiring is on for Content Writers

A Company in Mumbai is hiring Content Writers for upcoming projects.

Job Description:

Topics ranging from Music to Fashion to Bollywood
-Please provide writing samples.
-Must have great writing skills
-Fair knowledge of SEO, SMO would be an added advantage
-Interviews shall be conducted Thursday and Friday between 2 – 5 pm

the able candidates can apply to the job by clicking here

Job Opening for Content Writers

A company in Mumbai is looking to hire Content Writers.

The Candidate should be creatively inclined to writing contents.

No grammatical mistakes
Flair for writing
-Must write engaging contents
-Creative and goal oriented
-Good knowledge of SEO would be an added advantage

Candidates near Mumbai can apply to this job by clicking on this link

Job Opening for Content Writers

A Company in Delhi is looking to hire Content Writers for their own office

Job Description:

Should be able to write website content
-Must write good copy for social media posts/creatives and online banners.
-Should know how to extract reports and do online reputation management for all social platforms.
-Must have flare for writing

To Apply to this job you can click on this link

Content Writers on Hire

A Company in Delhi is looking to hire Content writers.

The candidate should preferably an experienced one.

Need to write for specific corporate presentations (PPT) and articles immediately
-Some previous experience would be of added advantage
-the company needs someone who can provide rich & high end content
Proof reading skills required
Meet media analysts

To view and apply to this job click here

Search for Career in Content Writing

Professional content writers make a great career in writing. One can write content various topics, for different kinds of organizations, from popular websites through to scientific and technical sites. The more styles of content creation you can manage, the more in demand you will create for yourself.

Good writing skill. It’s important that you’re comfortable with writing in English and also you are good in grammar. Also, make sure that you are not making too much mistakes in your spelling, punctuation, and online readability. It also helps to be able to write fast and perfectly.

Get ideas to produce fresh content daily. Read current topics, news papers, research on internet so that you can have a good source of ideas, knowledge, and research resources at hand.

Be Punctual. You have to be punctual to give yourself a schedule for daily writing.

Find suitable websites. There are many similar websites available where you can post content. Some will pay you, and some give you recognition and prestige.

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