Film and TV Executive job in Mumbai

A Company in Mumbai is hiring Film and TV Executives for their upcoming projects.

Job Description:

The candidates would be in-charge of how production budget would be spent
Meeting producer
Managing schedule and budget
-Must have in-depth knowledge of the production process

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An Ahmedabad based company is looking to hire Share Point Developer.

Job Description:

Candidates must have excellent analytical skills, good knowledge of project life cycles and the ability to work in a team environment The company is seeking a SharePoint Solution Developer with 1-2 years of experience as a SharePoint Developer in the analysis, design, hands-on development and delivery of web-based applications. In addition, a SharePoint Developer will have 2+ years’ experience with SharePoint Technologies.

Interested Candidates can apply to this job by clicking this link

Why White Lies in Resumes have to avoid

Lying in resume is a common thing to do by everyone who is writing resumes today. It is not a very good idea. You may feel everything is fair is love and job and it is not morally wrong to lie in order to get that, and perhaps a little white lie is perfectly ok. However, this notion is completely wrong. Lies have a way of snowballing. It’s something you will have to pile it off because to hide one lie you will need to speak many more and it will put you in trouble. Lying on a resume is just a plain dumb action. It’s not a good practice at all to lie in resume – even if it’s white lie because it is bound to twist the fact. There is a good possibility that it will come back to haunt you and one day the truth will come out. Is it worth taking the chance of not getting a job or getting fired later on because of your lie?. The best idea is to be real while framing a resume and only write what exact you know, what have been delivered till now and what you are capable off.

Human Resource Manager

Job Opening for Human Resource Manager

We are hiring Human Resource Manager for our company. Maintains organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.

• Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.

• Ensures planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and supervisors.

No of Openings : 01

Functional Role: Human Resource Manager

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Start Date: 21/08/2014

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