Magento Developer on Hire

A Company in Ahmedabad is hiring Magento Developer

Job  description:

2+ year of experience with Magento
– Good English knowledge & communication must needed
– Enthusiastic For Learning New Technology & Platform
– Ability Lead team or work with Team & coordinate with Team member
– Good knowledge of Magento’s template structure and general Magento architecture
– Should have experience in working with Magento EE and CE versions

Experienced and talented candidates can apply to this job through this link


Job Opening for Marketing Executive

An Ahmedabad based company is looking to hire Marketing Executive

Job Description:

A suitable candidate would be that person who would be able to convince clients by meeting him in person. Experience in Home and office Automation ,CCTV Products, biometrics ,fire safety alarm etc would be very much appreciated.

Interested candidates can apply to this job by clicking on this link

Job Opening for Business Development Executive

A company in Ahmedabad is looking to hire Business Development Executive

Job Description:

liable for global business development and lead generation for:
Website Development
PHP & Open Source App Development
Mobile Apps Development

Interested candidates can apply to this job by clicking this link

How to be confident to be successful in a job interview

Everybody feels nervous on the day of the interview. But interviewer wants to see the confidence in you and for them along with talent, marks, knowledge your smartness, presence of mind and flexibility matters a lot. So here are few tips to face the interview in right mood and right spirit.

Dress neatly and properly.

  • Always be on time.
  • Reach the venue in advance so remove your sweat etc and make yourself relax.
  • If you want while you are waiting you can just close your eyes and concentrate about the interview.
  • Greet every one looking them in their eyes.
  • B pleasant and polite.
  • Listen carefully to their questions think and then answer.
  • Always take your time while answering your question, never be in hurry.
  • Do not bluff or tell lie; be honest about your abilities and your inabilities.
  • Study well before the day of interview about the role that you are going for.
  • Be focus. A good academic record is only a starting point – it’s also important to show you have a convincing motivation to join the accountancy sector. Recruiters want to feel you’ll stick at it.
  • If you are going for panel interview direct your answer to the person who asked the question, but make sure to include the others with a few brief glances. This will also show that you have good meeting skills, which will be useful if the job involves client contact. You may find that only one interviewer asks the questions: respond to them, but still be inclusive of the others.
  • If you face any question which is directly not linked to your job profile but yet you have to answer that then just be a freethinker and answer it.
  • Do not fumble while giving answers.

These are the small tips you must follow while going for interview. These steps are really easy to follow and bound to give positive result. So best of luck for your next interview!!

Why White Lies in Resumes have to avoid

Lying in resume is a common thing to do by everyone who is writing resumes today. It is not a very good idea. You may feel everything is fair is love and job and it is not morally wrong to lie in order to get that, and perhaps a little white lie is perfectly ok. However, this notion is completely wrong. Lies have a way of snowballing. It’s something you will have to pile it off because to hide one lie you will need to speak many more and it will put you in trouble. Lying on a resume is just a plain dumb action. It’s not a good practice at all to lie in resume – even if it’s white lie because it is bound to twist the fact. There is a good possibility that it will come back to haunt you and one day the truth will come out. Is it worth taking the chance of not getting a job or getting fired later on because of your lie?. The best idea is to be real while framing a resume and only write what exact you know, what have been delivered till now and what you are capable off.

How Can You Excel in a Career in Marketing

Marketing jobs are not that usual desk job and a regular 9 to 5 job. Marketing department of any company is the backbone of any company, because without business development i the company cannot emerge as a profit making company. In marketing jobs there are steep competition, the basic trick lies in how will you sell the product of your company. It needs special tactics, apart from normal study, you need to have flair for marketing, your ability of convincing people is good and your deliverable are really up to the mark.

If you have all these quality then you are the right candidate for the marketing, who can sell a comb to bald.

How Fulltimejobs India Can be your Guide

Fulltimejobs India is the extension of the Fulltimejobs USA job site that has already tasted success in their country and after travelling many countries it has put its first step in India for Indian people. The effort behind the conceptualization of this Indian site is being given as we know India is a vast country with growing economy. This country had full potential for employment of millions and also they have large number of companies coming up every month and they are in dire need to good talents.

To give a proper shape to this concept we started this job site Fulltimejobs India where both recruiters and job seekers can come under one platform and we can become the cause of this handshaking. This site is not only aiming the established companies for registering their jobs, but equal importance is being given to a small startup company, as they are more in need of good talented people. Similarly fresher are most welcome to drop in their resumes in our site, which has a facility even to post audio and video resumes, hence you will always get a better chance to express yourself along with the general doc format resume.

So you will have a better chance to get a job that you desire as your recruiters will know you in much better way. And for recruitment companies you would always have a better chance to judge and understand your employee before you actually call them for an interview.

Fulltimejobs India not only provide online recruitment solutions but at the same time we provide information regarding good job opportunities, vacancies, Indian economy, job growth etc and also guide you about, how to write resumes, how to write cover notes, what are must for e well documented resumes, how to groom yourself for an interview and many things more. You can find us in face book and twitter as well, you can read all our posts there and can upgrade yourself accordingly for a better life and future.