Textile Fashion Expert on Hire

A Company in Raigarh Maharashtra is looking to hire Free lancer ideally, who is a NIFT Grad and can work in prototyping, in the textile domain and look after textile chemistry, durability, convenience, pricing, quality and also stitching and productions.

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Jobs in IT sector in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India is becoming India’s next big thing in Information Technology or IT. With so much growth and development this city has noticed over the last few years that companies from all parts of the world are taking interest in this city and specially all of them have the main focus in Jobs in IT sector in Ahmedabad .

IT jobs in Ahmedabad these days are abundant and jobseekers from all parts of India are coming in this city in search of the better career and better future. Ahmedabad does not disappoint when it comes to job opening for IT freshers as equal opportunities for both experienced and fresher are important, and with growth of a large number of companies the requirement in IT software is quite huge so both kinds of talents are required by the companies.

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How to be confident to be successful in a job interview

Everybody feels nervous on the day of the interview. But interviewer wants to see the confidence in you and for them along with talent, marks, knowledge your smartness, presence of mind and flexibility matters a lot. So here are few tips to face the interview in right mood and right spirit.

Dress neatly and properly.

  • Always be on time.
  • Reach the venue in advance so remove your sweat etc and make yourself relax.
  • If you want while you are waiting you can just close your eyes and concentrate about the interview.
  • Greet every one looking them in their eyes.
  • B pleasant and polite.
  • Listen carefully to their questions think and then answer.
  • Always take your time while answering your question, never be in hurry.
  • Do not bluff or tell lie; be honest about your abilities and your inabilities.
  • Study well before the day of interview about the role that you are going for.
  • Be focus. A good academic record is only a starting point – it’s also important to show you have a convincing motivation to join the accountancy sector. Recruiters want to feel you’ll stick at it.
  • If you are going for panel interview direct your answer to the person who asked the question, but make sure to include the others with a few brief glances. This will also show that you have good meeting skills, which will be useful if the job involves client contact. You may find that only one interviewer asks the questions: respond to them, but still be inclusive of the others.
  • If you face any question which is directly not linked to your job profile but yet you have to answer that then just be a freethinker and answer it.
  • Do not fumble while giving answers.

These are the small tips you must follow while going for interview. These steps are really easy to follow and bound to give positive result. So best of luck for your next interview!!

How to set Goal in life

Setting goal in life seems to be a problem during the teen age specially when you are in college. This is the ideal time rather the ideal time for setting a goal in your life is when you are in class XI and XII. This is the right time to decide about priority of life, it’s the time when you can think clearly where you want to head, which field is most gratifying for you.

Once you can analyze yourself the goal seems easier to you. The goal comes closer to you once you have analyzed your mind. If you love maths and love solving them, then a graduation and post graduation in maths will be an ideal choice of your career. if computer attracts you, then just go for something in computer starting from hardware to animation or movies. If your interest lies in science and robots then you can think of becoming a research scholar.

Even clerical or government jobs are not a bad idea if you are keen and looking for a secured life. So analyzing yourself is very important from the starting to set a goal.

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Job Opening for Client Servicing Executives

A Company in Gurgaon is looking to hire Client Servicing Executives

Job Description:

Develop sales proposals
-Collaborate with internal department to improvise
-Work with other members to deliver client notifications
-Train and coordinate with client servicing team
-Meet client needs and satisfaction
-Respond to client queries

To apply to the job and to know more about the job apply here

How to Create a positive Impression in Office

It is very Important to know for every employee how to create a positive impression in office. It is actually a habit of people, that people in office want to show off to their boss that they are the most important person in office, but in reality it happens differently.

A person who shows off is actually unproductive and cannot bring any positive impact in the company, and neither cannot set an example in front of their colleagues so that other people get inspired from that particular person and do better. They are actually harmful as they can stoop down to any level to get importance from their boss.


PHP developer with Codeigniter Knowledge

Job Opportunity in Pune for PHP developers!!!

Job Requirement:

Excellent in any one MVC framework (CodeIgniter)
Excellent hands-on programming experience of PHP 5X
Excellent in JavaScript
Excellent in Mysql5 (Indexing, Scaling Mysql)
Good understanding of REST ful API development
Good knowledge of TDD (Test Driven Development
Good in HTML5, CSS3, LESS CSS and Responsive web development.
Good understanding of jQuery, Bootstrap
Good understanding of GitHUB, SVN.

Excellent communication skills (Verbal & Written)

You can apply to this job by clicking on this link http://goo.gl/7eok8F