Miracles do happen but through sweating!!!

Miracles don’t happen to those who only think about miracles. Miracles do happen to those who think they can push mountain, to those who think they can bring water in desert. Hard work has no substitutes or alternatives. You have to keep on going even if nothing is going right in favor of you. you have to knock the door of every opportunity even if the door does not open. Miracles will happen if your desire follow the rules of actions.

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Why White Lies in Resumes have to avoid

Lying in resume is a common thing to do by everyone who is writing resumes today. It is not a very good idea. You may feel everything is fair is love and job and it is not morally wrong to lie in order to get that, and perhaps a little white lie is perfectly ok. However, this notion is completely wrong. Lies have a way of snowballing. It’s something you will have to pile it off because to hide one lie you will need to speak many more and it will put you in trouble. Lying on a resume is just a plain dumb action. It’s not a good practice at all to lie in resume – even if it’s white lie because it is bound to twist the fact. There is a good possibility that it will come back to haunt you and one day the truth will come out. Is it worth taking the chance of not getting a job or getting fired later on because of your lie?. The best idea is to be real while framing a resume and only write what exact you know, what have been delivered till now and what you are capable off.

Tips for Writing Perfect Resumes

Resume is the first thing that would create a door way for you in any company. a perfect resume can get you an interview and you might land up with a great opportunity that you were waiting for so long. So you must learn the tips for writing perfect resumes before you send something bad to Hr companies.

Tips are as follows:

1. Don’t make your resume look like a story book.

2. make it con-size, small and to-the-point.

3, Highlight the key qualities

4. Give all your details in tabular format. that will save time and will create a good impression to the recruiter.

5. Try to put all the facts and don’t write something that you are not. It’s very important to give facts in resumes.

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Why Resumes need Cover letter

It is mandatory to have a cover letter with resume these days. You need to understand that when you are sending a resume to apply to any job a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume.

You may find in the job advertisement that they are only asking for the resumes to submit but it is an unwritten rule to include a proper and very informative cover letter accompanying your job application. Whether it’s mention or not but the hiring department will expect that applicants should have a cover letter attached with them that will give a brief introduction of the candidates and their work experiences which will highlight the main resumes. In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you.

It is taken as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume.  The main intention of attaching a cover letter will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job.

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How to write a Perfect Cover Letter for a job

You must be thinking that what is the need of a cover letter that everyone says you to give it as an attachment? Why is it mandatory to have a cover letter with resume?  You need to understand that when you are submitting a resume against any job application a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. You may find that the employers asked only for the resume, but is a basic format that you must have a cover letter accompanying your job application.

While writing cover letter; be professional but never become a robot. Stop using bland, overly formal language says nothing about you or describes you. Employers want an employee who is capable, but also someone who would be a good addition to their company culture who can really contribute some productivity in the company. Your resume should be full of true facts and to the point, but you can be benefited from your cover letter which can be very much detailed.  You can also consider including a short anecdote or example of a time when you succeeded in your career.

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